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CategoriesLand tenure
Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token, Protocol • Token (Cadastrals), App, Protocol (Oracle)
Status BitShare
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationTo register land and real property ownership and use rights in a secure, easily-accessible electronic format to allow for timely access of ownership and rights information, and to educate people on the importance of strong property rights in the prosperity of the nation.
Traits (blockchain)Delegated Proof of Stake
Date/TimelineICO 2016
Source URL #1www.linkedin.com


CategoriesValue chain
Market statusEarly development
Status Ethereum
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationCircularise will enable the secure and transparent tracking of the lifecycle of products. With Circularise, producers, users and recyclers will be able to exchange reliable data about their products while remaining anonymous.
Attributes (token)Fiat currencies are going to be exchanged for circoins, and circoins will be spent to fuel blockchain operations.
Traits (blockchain)Offers immutable storage, facilitates authorisation, allows creation of tokens.
Date/TimelineFounded in 2016.
NotesBased in The Netherlands.
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Digital Asset Platform

Market statusOn the market
TypesProtocol, Blockchain • Protocol (DAML), Blockchain
StatusPermissioned • Distributed Ledger (Permissioned)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationA ledger that maintains the same confidentiality guarantee as physically segregated ledgers but also to allow for the same data integrity assurances of typical blockchain solutions
Traits (blockchain)Made up of two layers--Global Synchronization Log (“GSL”) and the Private Contract Store (“PCS”)
Date/TimelineAnnounced 2016; DAML unveiled April 2018
Source URL #1www.digitalasset.com • Verified 200 OK


CategoriesSupply chain
Market statusOn the market
TypesProtocol, Blockchain • Protocol (IBM Bluemix and LinuxOne), Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric)
StatusPublic, Private, Hybrid • Hyperledger Fabric (hybrid of public and private blockchains)
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationProvenance & Supply Chain of luxury good; Can track and protect valuable assets throughtout its journey; Record of the transfer of a specific autheticated diamond; Industry Applications: Diamonds, Coloured Gemstones, Fine Wine, Fine Art, Luxury Goods, Insurance, Precious Minerals & Metals
Date/TimelineFounded in 2015
NotesOffers an API (Application Programming Interface) for banks and insurers (to track the identity of itemsto help banks and insurers in the management of fradulent transactions), law enforcement (to enable the tracing of fraud based on collected data), and online market places (to assist with detecting the sale of stolen goods). ; Has partnered with other industries - Vastari for art, Chai Consulting for wine, Britannia Mining for commodities trading, and SAP Ariba for supply chain with the goal of providing provenance for risky goods.
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CategoriesClimate, Health
Market statusOn the market
TypesToken, Protocol, Blockchain • token (IXO/Impact Token), Protocol (ixo/IPLD), Blockchain (Global Impact Ledger and Ocean Protocol)
StatusPublic • Global Impact Ledger (public) and Ocean Protocol (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationTo collect, measure, evaluate, value, and tokenize impact data
Attributes (token)Tokens represent measurement of impact on human-health and sustaibility. Tradable.
Date/TimelineLaunched in 2018
Source URL #1ixo.foundation


CategoriesSupply chain
Market statusUnder development
StatusPublic • Ethereum
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationMinespider's goal is to combat human rights abuses and environmental damage in the raw material supply chain. It offers all stakeholders in the mineral supply chain the opportunity to introduce and track the origins of the materials extracted, no matter their transformation along the supply chain. It incentivizes responsible mines to participate, as once a mine is certified for a certain amount of material, they can transfer a digital certificate alongside their mineral shipment. This offers them greater market access and brand visibility. At the other end of the supply chain, this provides a complete chain of custody for manufacturers, allowing them to prove that the metals that have gone into their products were responsibly sourced.
Attributes (token)Minespider SILQ utility and payment token, "SILQ", issued by Minespider GmbH. It is an Ethereum based and ERC20 compatible token. Serves to incentivize and utilize an active participation in the Minespider Infrastructure.
Traits (blockchain)Records the amount of metal produced by responsible sources and who owns it
Date/TimelineFounded in 2017.
NotesBased in Berlin, Germany. Minespider works with Volkswagen, Google, Cisco, and SGS to bring greater transparency to global supply chains.
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National Agency of Public Registry in the Republic of Georgia

CategoriesLand tenure
TypesApp, Protocol, Blockchain • App, Protocol (Byzantine Fualt Tolerant consensus algorithm), Blockchain
StatusPublic, Private, Permissioned • Exonum Blockchain to register land titles (private permissioned) and Bitcoin Blockchain to make those transactions verifiable as Exonum anchors data to Bitcoin network (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes • Exonum; plans to stramline business operations for NAPR, including the sale of property, transfer of ownership and more
ApplicationLand registration and/or verification; by reducing service delivery time, operational costs and enabling real-time auditing and transparent data sharing, the project promotes the establishment of a more transparent and well-recorded land registry system
Date/TimelineProject launched in April 2016; MOU between the blockchain company and the Georgian National Agency of Public Registry signed in Feb., 2017
Notes“first time a national government has used the Bitcoin blockchain to secure and validate official actions.”
Source URL #1napr.gov.ge
Source URL #2www.bia.ge • Verified 200 OK

Nebula Genomics

CategoriesGenetic resources
Market statusOn the market
TypesToken, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (Nebula Token), Protocol (Blockstack), Blockchain
StatusPrivate • Ethereum-derived Nebula Blockchain (private)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationBiotech (Genomic); Individuals can acquire their personal genomic data from Nebula sequencing facilities using Nebula tokens, then join the Nebula blockchain network and directly connect with data buyers.
Attributes (token)As a means to buy and sell genomic data
Date/TimelineLaunched in 2018
NotesHavard Medical School; Eliminates personal genomic companies (such as 23andMe, ancestry.com, Helix..) as middlemen between data owners and data buyers; also ensure data anonymity, security, and efficient sequencing
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Market statusUnder development
TypesProtocol • Protocol (Origin)
StatusPublic • Ethereum blockchain (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationOrigin is a protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS; aims to replace rent-seeking middlemen
Date/TimelineFounded in 2017
Source URL #1www.originprotocol.com • Verified 200 OK

Plastic Bank

Market statusOn the market
TypesToken, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (plastic currency), Protocol (LinuxOne), Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric)
Status Hyperledger Fabric (Permissioned distributed ledger)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationCreates secure asset-backed rewards (plastic currency) to underpin the exchange of plastic waste for goods; plastic brought to established recycling centers can be exchanged for digital tokens that enable "recycling entrepreneurs" from amongst the world's poorest communities to clean up plastic waste in return for goods
Traits (blockchain)Fabric is the first distributed ledger platform by IBM to support smart contracts authored in general-purpose programming languages
Date/TimelineSet up in 2013; Operations in Haiti launched in 2015, following pilots in Peru and Colombia
Source URL #1www.plasticbank.org
Source URL #2www.ibm.com • Verified 200 OK