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MediLedger Project

TypesApp • App
StatusPermissioned • Ethereum permissioned
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationMaintain compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act by tracing and tracking prescription medicines
Traits (blockchain)zero knowledge proof; fully encrypted transactions
Date/Timeline2023 commercial release goal
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Market statusUnder development
TypesApp • App
StatusPrivate • Ethereum (private)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationProvides patients with a transparent and accessible view of medical history
Traits (blockchain)Proof of Work verification; 3 types of contracts: registrar (ID), patient-provider relationship (links nodes), summary (lists/locates summary of relationships)
Source URL #1medrec.media.mit.edu

National Agency of Public Registry in the Republic of Georgia

CategoriesLand tenure
TypesApp, Protocol, Blockchain • App, Protocol (Byzantine Fualt Tolerant consensus algorithm), Blockchain
StatusPublic, Private, Permissioned • Exonum Blockchain to register land titles (private permissioned) and Bitcoin Blockchain to make those transactions verifiable as Exonum anchors data to Bitcoin network (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes • Exonum; plans to stramline business operations for NAPR, including the sale of property, transfer of ownership and more
ApplicationLand registration and/or verification; by reducing service delivery time, operational costs and enabling real-time auditing and transparent data sharing, the project promotes the establishment of a more transparent and well-recorded land registry system
Date/TimelineProject launched in April 2016; MOU between the blockchain company and the Georgian National Agency of Public Registry signed in Feb., 2017
Notes“first time a national government has used the Bitcoin blockchain to secure and validate official actions.”
Source URL #1napr.gov.ge
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CategoriesAgriculture, Supply chain
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationNutraSign allows food companies to improve their traceability system. It offers security, transparency and confidence to all those involved in the supply chain all the way until the final consumer.
Traits (blockchain)Scam prevention, elimination of middlemen, global identities, decentralization of process, internet of value.
Date/TimelineFounded in 2018.
NotesFounded in Seville, Andalusia, Spain.


Market statusUnder development
TypesApp, Token
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationOceanPlastik is an impact startup company focused to clean up and recycle ocean plastic waste using blockchain technology. Users will be able to localize, collect and drop off plastic waste at recycling centers with a mobile application and will automatically be rewarded with crypto tokens.
Attributes (token)OCEANS tokens
Date/TimelineICO started in April 2020
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Market statusOn the market
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationPeer-to-peer network for trading goods
Date/TimelineReleased April 2016
NotesBuilt in Bitcoin Wallet
Source URL #1openbazaar.org

Power Ledger

Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (POWR and Sparkz), Blockchain (Ethereum), Protocol (Oracle), App (FuseBox)
Status EcoChain (private), Ethereum (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationAllows peer-to-peer trading of solar energy, microgrid trading, electric vehicle settlement, and asset germination and virtual power plants
Attributes (token)POWR tokens are bought and exchanged to Sparkz; Sparkz are tradable (price fixed to local government’s fiat currency and cost of power)
Date/TimelineFounded in 2016. Token Sale: August 2017; Trial launch in Bangkok: August 2018
Source URL #1www.powerledger.io


SummaryPrototype: tuna fish tracking in Indonesia, Malawian tea farmers..
CategoriesSupply chain, Food
Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Blockchain • App, Blockchain
StatusPublic • Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains (Public)
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationUsing blockchains as a shared and open platform, Provenance enables tracking of any physical products any time throughout the supply chain by assigining and verifying certifications. The data include the nature, the quality, the quantity and the ownership of certified products. Doing so, Provenance attemtps to remove the need for a trusted central organization.
Traits (blockchain)Interoperable, auditable
Date/TimelineInitiative launched in 2015.
Source URL #1www.provenance.org • Verified 200 OK

Pylon Network

Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token, Blockchain • Token (Pylon Coin), App, Blockchain
Status Pylon Network Blockchain
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationAllows trade, sale, and tracking of green energy
Traits (blockchain)Mining only occurs with electricity that would otherwise go to waste; Proof of Work and Proof of Cooperation verification
Date/TimelineToken Sale: Septermber 2017
NotesPylon Network’s blockchain algorithm is the first decentralized, open-source code designed specifically for the needs of the energy sector
Source URL #1pylon-network.org • Verified 302 Found

BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange

CategoriesSupply chain, Natural resources
Market statusOn the market
Status Ethereum
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationA negotiation platform to promote the trading of timber products from legal and or certified sources (ex., FSC™) creating transparency, efficiency, and liquidity to this market. 
Traits (blockchain)utilizes various legal documents, records of infractions, and satellite imagery pulled from 22 separate public databases, involving over 2 billion cross checks per day.
Date/TimelineLaunched 2016
Source URL #1www.bvrio.com • Verified 200 OK