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Recycle to Coin

Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token • App, Token (BGDC token)
StatusPublic • Public (Ethereum network)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes • BCDC token smart contract
ApplicationRecycletoCoin aims to incentivize recycling using digital currency. Each can or bottle recycled earns tokens for the charity of your choice, which can in turn choose to cash them out as Bitcoin, Ether, or fiat currency.
Attributes (token)Can be exchanged to bitcoin, ether, or flat currency
Traits (blockchain)Iteroperatable
Date/TimelineReleased Jan. 30, 2018
Source URL #1www.bcdc.online


Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token • App, Token (RBM)
StatusPublic • Ethereum (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationUses smart contracts to transparently monitor all processes of interaction with the patient, the metrics of effectiveness and impression of the patient from interaction with the provider of medical services. Functions to provide medical organizations with a tool for management of the delivery of health services and at the same time to unite these organizations by performance standards.
Attributes (token)1 ETH = 2000 RBM
Traits (blockchain)In case the medical service provider does not reach a minimum threshold of 65% of all performance criteria, the Robomed Network determines the value of such a medical service as not rendered and the smart contract as not completed.
Date/TimelineICO October 2017
Source URL #1robomed.io • Verified 200 OK


Market statusOn the market
TypesApp • App
StatusPrivate • Hyperledger Fabric (private)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationThe Shping App enables shoppers to scan product barcodes to learn pertinent product information supplied by industry authorities and brands. It also enables consumers to check for authenticity, product recall status and product reviews contributed by other Shping users, all to enable consumers to make smarter, more informed purchase decisions
Attributes (token)10 billion supply
Date/TimelinePublic beta app June 2017; ICO January 2018
Source URL #1tokensale.shping.com • Verified 200 OK

Sun Contract

TypesApp, Token, Blockchain • App, Token (Suncontract coins; SNC), SunContract Blockchain; Uses Ethereum Protocol
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationEnables peer to peer electricity trading by joining independent power producers and consumers into an electricity pool based on smart contracts
Attributes (token)Tokens represent electricity);10,000 SNC per 1 ETH
Date/TimelineLaunched April, 2018; being implemented in Slovenia and plans to expand into other EU countries
Source URL #1suncontract.org • Verified 200 OK


Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token • App, Tokem (UTK)
StatusPublic • Ethereum (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationA payment platform that allows user to pay sellers with their preferred cryptocurrency. (A cyrpto-contender to PayPal)
Attributes (token)Currency; can be converted to other cyrptocurrency or other currency; ERC20-compatible
Date/TimelineInitial Coin Offering in November 2017; First store utilizing platform launched May 2018
Source URL #1utrust.com • Verified 200 OK
Source URL #2s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com • Verified 200 OK


Market statusUnder development
TypesApp • App
StatusPermissioned • Hyperledger Fabric (permissioned)
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationClient authorization tool to verify user identity. Most of the partners for this app are banks and financial services
Source URL #1verified.me • Verified 200 OK


Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token • Token (wys), App,
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationGives advertisers access to customers (by customers selling their data), and in return, users receive discounts for their favorite products and retailers new opportunities to increase their sales.
Date/TimelineICO in November 2017; app launched September 2018
Source URL #1www.wystoken.org