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Market statusEarly development
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationConnects organizations working to address UN Sustainable Development Goals with smallholder farmers in emerging markets.
Traits (blockchain)Ensures that all transactions implemented by both users and clients are permanently and securely recorded.
Date/TimelineCreated in 2017.
NotesBased in Queensland, Australia.
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CategoriesValue chain
Market statusEarly development
Status Ethereum
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationCircularise will enable the secure and transparent tracking of the lifecycle of products. With Circularise, producers, users and recyclers will be able to exchange reliable data about their products while remaining anonymous.
Attributes (token)Fiat currencies are going to be exchanged for circoins, and circoins will be spent to fuel blockchain operations.
Traits (blockchain)Offers immutable storage, facilitates authorisation, allows creation of tokens.
Date/TimelineFounded in 2016.
NotesBased in The Netherlands.
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Electraseed Fund

Market statusEarly development
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationIncreases the impact of clean energy investments by connecting dispersed projects in emerging & established markets. Electraseed Fund envisions a future in which everyone has access to clean energy.
Date/TimelineCreated in 2019.
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