CategoriesSupply chain
Market statusUnder development
StatusPublic • Ethereum
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationMinespider's goal is to combat human rights abuses and environmental damage in the raw material supply chain. It offers all stakeholders in the mineral supply chain the opportunity to introduce and track the origins of the materials extracted, no matter their transformation along the supply chain. It incentivizes responsible mines to participate, as once a mine is certified for a certain amount of material, they can transfer a digital certificate alongside their mineral shipment. This offers them greater market access and brand visibility. At the other end of the supply chain, this provides a complete chain of custody for manufacturers, allowing them to prove that the metals that have gone into their products were responsibly sourced.
Attributes (token)Minespider SILQ utility and payment token, "SILQ", issued by Minespider GmbH. It is an Ethereum based and ERC20 compatible token. Serves to incentivize and utilize an active participation in the Minespider Infrastructure.
Traits (blockchain)Records the amount of metal produced by responsible sources and who owns it
Date/TimelineFounded in 2017.
NotesBased in Berlin, Germany. Minespider works with Volkswagen, Google, Cisco, and SGS to bring greater transparency to global supply chains.
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