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Water to the World

Market statusOn the market
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationA machine that pulls water from the air using solar power when needed, or a power grid where available, and will report its status, conditions, and production to the blockchain.
Attributes (token)total supply of 1 billion tokens
Traits (blockchain)Proof of Stake verification
Date/TimelineICO began Decemeber 2017
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Market statusUnder development
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationRegulatory compliant digitital currency backed by water reserves. It facilitates the donation of funds towards the creation of clean water initiatives around the world
Attributes (token)1 WaterCoin= $0.02 or one litre of water
Traits (blockchain)Proof of Asset verification
Date/TimelinePilot project began June2018
NotesPilot project in Narok, Kenya
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