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Market statusOn the market
TypesApp • App
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationIndividuals to earn tokens for sharing their mobility data or performing rewardable activities defined by a DOVU partner - such as changing driving behaviour or undertaking valuable tasks. These tokens then feed back into the ecosystem through mobility related transactions, be that offsetting the cost of a car, fuel for that car, paying for a flight, or just riding the bus
Traits (blockchain)Proof of Location
Date/TimelineICO in October 2017
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TypesApp, Token • App, Token
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationA Decentralized Transportation Platform owned by the community to utilize vehicles` unused space. By using cryptocurrency technology La`Zooz works with a “Fair Share” rewarding mechanism for developers, users and backers.
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Maritime Blockchain Labs

SummaryPartnership among BLOC, Lloyd's Register Foundation, Rainmaking
CategoriesTransportation, Supply Chain
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationMaritime shipping - marine fuel assurance to ensure a clear chain of custody and traceability of marine fuel quality

MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative)

Summary Consortium consisted of GM, BMW, Renault, Bosch, ZF friedrichshafen, IBM; all of which represent more than 80% of global auto manufacturing by volume
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationTo develop automotive uses for blockchain (ex) supply chain, autonomous machine payments, location in space and time, congestion fees,mobility commerce platform, driving data markets, car and ride sharing, usage based insurace/taxes, pollution/carbon pricing, electric vehicle charging stations...; Initial goal to get carmakers to assign digital identities to vehicles coming off the line
Date/TimelineFormed 2018
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