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Natural Asset Exchange

CategoriesNatural Resources, Climate
Market statusOn the market
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationTransparent mechanism to connect producers of Natural Assets with business, consumers, or IoT devices. Enables certified Natural Capital Asset project developers to list their products and eliminates 3rd party fees.
Date/TimelineICO March 2018
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Responsible Timber Exchange

CategoriesSupply Chain, Natural Resources
Market statusOn the market
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationA negotiation platform to promote the trading of timber products from legal and or certified sources (ex., FSC™) creating transparency, efficiency, and liquidity to this market. 
Traits (blockchain)utilizes various legal documents, records of infractions, and satellite imagery pulled from 22 separate public databases, involving over 2 billion cross checks per day.
Date/TimelineLaunched 2016
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