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CategoriesLand tenure
Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token, Protocol • Token (Cadastrals), App, Protocol (Oracle)
Status BitShare
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationTo register land and real property ownership and use rights in a secure, easily-accessible electronic format to allow for timely access of ownership and rights information, and to educate people on the importance of strong property rights in the prosperity of the nation.
Traits (blockchain)Delegated Proof of Stake
Date/TimelineICO 2016
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CategoriesLand tenure
Market statusUnder development
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationDecentralized game linked with machine learning and real-world climate actions to protect, restore and fund natural climate solutions. Incentivizes farmers to maintain forest land by paying them interest funded by doners for every period of time that the forest land remains. If it is cut down, the caretaker loses their share.
Traits (blockchain)Will include a deep forest predication model which predicts areas of land most vulnerable to deforestations (and prices them higher)
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National Agency of Public Registry in the Republic of Georgia

CategoriesLand tenure
TypesApp, Protocol, Blockchain • App, Protocol (Byzantine Fualt Tolerant consensus algorithm), Blockchain
StatusPublic, Private, Permissioned • Exonum Blockchain to register land titles (private permissioned) and Bitcoin Blockchain to make those transactions verifiable as Exonum anchors data to Bitcoin network (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes • Exonum; plans to stramline business operations for NAPR, including the sale of property, transfer of ownership and more
ApplicationLand registration and/or verification; by reducing service delivery time, operational costs and enabling real-time auditing and transparent data sharing, the project promotes the establishment of a more transparent and well-recorded land registry system
Date/TimelineProject launched in April 2016; MOU between the blockchain company and the Georgian National Agency of Public Registry signed in Feb., 2017
Notes“first time a national government has used the Bitcoin blockchain to secure and validate official actions.”
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