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SummaryPrototype: tuna fish tracking in Indonesia, Malawian tea farmers..
CategoriesSupply chain, Food
Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Blockchain • App, Blockchain
StatusPublic • Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains (Public)
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationUsing blockchains as a shared and open platform, Provenance enables tracking of any physical products any time throughout the supply chain by assigining and verifying certifications. The data include the nature, the quality, the quantity and the ownership of certified products. Doing so, Provenance attemtps to remove the need for a trusted central organization.
Traits (blockchain)Interoperable, auditable
Date/TimelineInitiative launched in 2015.
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Pylon Network

Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token, Blockchain • Token (Pylon Coin), App, Blockchain
Status Pylon Network Blockchain
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationAllows trade, sale, and tracking of green energy
Traits (blockchain)Mining only occurs with electricity that would otherwise go to waste; Proof of Work and Proof of Cooperation verification
Date/TimelineToken Sale: Septermber 2017
NotesPylon Network’s blockchain algorithm is the first decentralized, open-source code designed specifically for the needs of the energy sector
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SolarCoin Foundation

Market statusOn the market
TypesToken, Blockchain • Token (SLR), Blockchain
Status ElectriCChain
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationSolar producers receive 1 SLR for every MWh of solar energy produced with a 2% interest rate. Tokens can be used to pay utility companies or other companies accepting cryptocurrencies.
Attributes (token)1 token represents 1 MWh of solar energy. Tradable for BTC and other currencies
Traits (blockchain)Low energy Proof of Stake algorithim
Date/TimelineEstablished in 2015
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Market statusUnder development
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationMission is to power the crypto-economy with clean, low-cost renewable energy by building a blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrency mining company that owns its own renewable energy resources
Traits (blockchain)Goal for interoperability. Vertical integration (innovation)
Date/TimelineFounded 2018
NotesPilot project using Moroccan windfarm

Sun Contract

Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Token, Blockchain • App, Token (Suncontract coins; SNC), SunContract Blockchain; Uses Ethereum Protocol
Status SunContract Blockchain platform
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationEnables peer to peer electricity trading by joining independent power producers and consumers into an electricity pool based on smart contracts
Attributes (token)Tokens represent electricity);10,000 SNC per 1 ETH
Date/TimelineLaunched April, 2018; being implemented in Slovenia and plans to expand into other EU countries
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SummaryGovernment-backed trial at Hackney's Banister House Estate
Market statusOn the market
TypesToken, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (VLUX Token), Protocol (Oracles), Blockchain (Ethereum-based Verv Renewable Energy Trading platform)
StatusPublic • Verv Renewable Energy Trading Platform (Public)
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationRenewable energy trading
Traits (blockchain)AI based smart hub combines machine learning functionality with blockchain, and batteries in communal areas; hence the platform is able to calculate the energy demand profile of homes and determine the solar energy supply in each battery and allocate energy to residents based on their needs
Date/TimelineFirst trade on April 11, 2018
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CategoriesWaste, Fashion industry
Market statusOn the market
TypesApp, Blockchain
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationThrough its own blockchain platform, Waste2Wear gives transparent information on its supply chain and proves to consumers that the clothes they purchase are truly made from recycled plastic.
NotesDutch company created in 2007. Currently operates in nine countries worldwide.
Source URL #1www.waste2wear.com • Verified 200 OK


Market statusOn the market
TypesBlockchain • Blockchain (Zilliqa)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
Applicationblockchain platform for hosting decentralized applications
Traits (blockchain)2,488 transactions per second in testnet. High performance, high security.
Date/TimelineFounded in 2017
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