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SummaryBlockchain Insurance Industry Initiative, Working prototype: Property Cat XOL contract
Market statusUnder development
TypesBlockchain • Blockchain (Hyperledger)
StatusPublic, Private • Hyperledger (Public and Private: One shared Master Data ledger that contains commona nd agreed master data including public company information and common contract clauses; and another shared Communication ledger that is cryptographically secured and stores the communication used to consent on the state of the private organization ledgers)
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationInsurance: multi-party transaction, smart contract, approvals, settlement, asset transfers
Traits (blockchain)a shared process, calculation, settlement and reporting on a distributed ledger
Date/TimelinePrototype testing completed October 2017; launch goal by end of 2018
Notes*more info on blockchain & smart contracts in the insurance industry can be found at "Insureblocks":


CategoriesSupply Chain
Market statusUnder development
TypesProtocol, Blockchain • Protocol (IBM Bluemix and LinuxOne), Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric)
StatusPublic, Private, Hybrid • Hyperledger Fabric (hybrid of public and private blockchains)
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationProvenance & Supply Chain of luxury good; Can track and protect valuable assets throughtout its journey; Record of the transfer of a specific autheticated diamond; Industry Applications: Diamonds, Coloured Gemstones, Fine Wine, Fine Art, Luxury Goods, Insurance, Precious Minerals & Metals
Date/TimelineLaunch date set to be February 2019
NotesOffers an API (Application Programming Interface) for banks and insurers (to track the identity of itemsto help banks and insurers in the management of fradulent transactions), law enforcement (to enable the tracing of fraud based on collected data), and online market places (to assist with detecting the sale of stolen goods). ; Has partnered with other industries - Vastari for art, Chai Consulting for wine, Britannia Mining for commodities trading, and SAP Ariba for supply chain with the goal of providing provenance for risky goods.
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LO3 Energy

Market statusUnder development
StatusPrivate • private
Action (Smart Contract)?No
ApplicationUtilizes a blockchain-based token system to reduce barriers and facilitate the optimal coupling of local electric generation with parties that can evaluate, generate, store, trade, and utilize this generation most efficiently. Applications in creation of microgrids, powering EVs, and allowing peer-to-peer trade of renewable energy production.
Date/TimelinePilot project in Brooklyn 2016
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TypesApp • App
StatusPrivate • Ethereum (private)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationProvides patients with a transparent and accessible view of medical history
Traits (blockchain)Proof of Work verification; 3 types of contracts: registrar (ID), patient-provider relationship (links nodes), summary (lists/locates summary of relationships)
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National Agency of Public Registry in the Republic of Georgia

CategoriesLand Tenure
TypesApp, Protocol, Blockchain • App, Protocol (Byzantine Fualt Tolerant consensus algorithm), Blockchain
StatusPublic, Private, Permissioned • Exonum Blockchain to register land titles (private permissioned) and Bitcoin Blockchain to make those transactions verifiable as Exonum anchors data to Bitcoin network (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes • Exonum; plans to stramline business operations for NAPR, including the sale of property, transfer of ownership and more
ApplicationLand registration and/or verification; by reducing service delivery time, operational costs and enabling real-time auditing and transparent data sharing, the project promotes the establishment of a more transparent and well-recorded land registry system
Date/TimelineProject launched in April 2016; MOU between the blockchain company and the Georgian National Agency of Public Registry signed in Feb., 2017
Notes“first time a national government has used the Bitcoin blockchain to secure and validate official actions.”
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Nebula Genomics

CategoriesGenetic Resources
Market statusOn the market
TypesToken, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (Nebula Token), Protocol (Blockstack), Blockchain
StatusPrivate • Ethereum-derived Nebula Blockchain (private)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationBiotech (Genomic); Individuals can acquire their personal genomic data from Nebula sequencing facilities using Nebula tokens, then join the Nebula blockchain network and directly connect with data buyers.
Attributes (token)as a means to buy and sell genomic data
Date/TimelineNot in service yet; token sale hasn't started
NotesHavard Medical School; Eliminates personal genomic companies (such as 23andMe,, Helix..) as middlemen between data owners and data buyers; also ensure data anonymity, security, and efficient sequencing
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Market statusOn the market
TypesToken, Blockchain • Token (NurseToken), Blockchain (XERU, Ontology)
StatusPublic, Private • XERU (private) connected to the Ontology (Public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationVerification/Credentialing of nurses: enable a nurse to carry own portable credentialing passport that can be moved freely from a blockchain wallet to participating facilities in the healthcare system
Date/TimelineICO April 2018
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Market statusOn the market
TypesApp • App
StatusPrivate • Hyperledger Fabric (private)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationThe Shping App enables shoppers to scan product barcodes to learn pertinent product information supplied by industry authorities and brands. It also enables consumers to check for authenticity, product recall status and product reviews contributed by other Shping users, all to enable consumers to make smarter, more informed purchase decisions
Attributes (token)10 billion supply
Date/TimelinePublic beta app June 2017; ICO January 2018
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