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    Plastic Bank

    Market statusOn the market
    TypesToken, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (plastic currency), Protocol (LinuxOne), Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric)
    Status Hyperledger Fabric (Permissioned distributed ledger)
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
    ApplicationCreates secure asset-backed rewards (plastic currency) to underpin the exchange of plastic waste for goods; plastic brought to established recycling centers can be exchanged for digital tokens that enable "recycling entrepreneurs" from amongst the world's poorest communities to clean up plastic waste in return for goods
    Traits (blockchain)Fabric is the first distributed ledger platform by IBM to support smart contracts authored in general-purpose programming languages
    Date/TimelineSet up in 2013; Operations in Haiti launched in 2015, following pilots in Peru and Colombia
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    CategoriesWaste, Pollution
    Market statusOn the market
    Status Hyperledger
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
    ApplicationPlataformaVerde offers a disruptive traceability solution for industrial inputs and solid waste management.
    Date/TimelineFounded in 2014.
    NotesBased in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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    SummaryPilot at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Store in London
    Market statusOn the market
    TypesToken, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (Ocean Token), Protocol (Stellar Concensus Protocol), Blockchain (Stellar)
    StatusPublic • Stellar (Public)
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes • For the first time, can transact grams of carbon credits (focusing on individual customers)
    ApplicationAims to offset the carbon footprint of everyday products and services with token-based support for global forest conservation projects.
    Attributes (token)Tradable tokens are linked to projects which offset the GHGs created by their business operations. This specific pilot project has conserved an area in Peruvian Amazon.
    Traits (blockchain)Very energy efficient: The platform enables 1000+ transactions per second; 0.03Wh energy per transanction (Bitcoin takes 634,000 Wh per transaction); 0.000015kg CO2 per transaction (Bitcoin = 310.75kg)
    Date/TimelinePilot started in May 2018
    NotesAlso ongoing partnership with Liverpool City Council to make the city cliamte-positive
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    Power Ledger

    Market statusOn the market
    TypesApp, Token, Protocol, Blockchain • Token (POWR and Sparkz), Blockchain (Ethereum), Protocol (Oracle), App (FuseBox)
    Status EcoChain (private), Ethereum (public)
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
    ApplicationAllows peer-to-peer trading of solar energy, microgrid trading, electric vehicle settlement, and asset germination and virtual power plants
    Attributes (token)POWR tokens are bought and exchanged to Sparkz; Sparkz are tradable (price fixed to local government’s fiat currency and cost of power)
    Date/TimelineFounded in 2016. Token Sale: August 2017; Trial launch in Bangkok: August 2018
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    SummaryPrototype: tuna fish tracking in Indonesia, Malawian tea farmers..
    CategoriesSupply chain, Food
    Market statusOn the market
    TypesApp, Blockchain • App, Blockchain
    StatusPublic • Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains (Public)
    Action (Smart Contract)?No
    ApplicationUsing blockchains as a shared and open platform, Provenance enables tracking of any physical products any time throughout the supply chain by assigining and verifying certifications. The data include the nature, the quality, the quantity and the ownership of certified products. Doing so, Provenance attemtps to remove the need for a trusted central organization.
    Traits (blockchain)Interoperable, auditable
    Date/TimelineInitiative launched in 2015.
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    Pylon Network

    Market statusOn the market
    TypesApp, Token, Blockchain • Token (Pylon Coin), App, Blockchain
    Status Pylon Network Blockchain
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
    ApplicationAllows trade, sale, and tracking of green energy
    Traits (blockchain)Mining only occurs with electricity that would otherwise go to waste; Proof of Work and Proof of Cooperation verification
    Date/TimelineToken Sale: Septermber 2017
    NotesPylon Network’s blockchain algorithm is the first decentralized, open-source code designed specifically for the needs of the energy sector
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    Market statusOn the market
    StatusPublic • Ethereum (public)
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
    ApplicationPlatofrm for establighing a relationship between waste receiving company and the individual user or household and incentives waste sorting by giving bonuses (using money companies save from proper waste sorting) to households that sort their waste.
    Attributes (token)7.9 million tokens to be issued
    Traits (blockchain)Proof of Stake and Proof of Transaction verification
    Date/TimelinePre ICO in December 2017
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    Regen Network

    CategoriesEcosystem regeneration
    Market statusUnder development
    Status Regen Ledger (public), built on Tendermint consensus engine.
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
    ApplicationRegen Network is building a platform that makes scientifically verifiable and fully auditable ecosystem services contracts, including issuing cryptographically-secure ecosystem service credits, so that farmers, ranchers, and other land managers can be recognized and paid for their positive ecological practices.
    Traits (blockchain)Assures accuracy and integrity of data. Built to continually incentivize better and more accurate data from multiple sources.
    Date/TimelineFounded in 2018.
    NotesBased in Idaho.
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    BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange

    CategoriesSupply chain, Natural resources
    Market statusOn the market
    Status Ethereum
    Action (Smart Contract)?No
    ApplicationA negotiation platform to promote the trading of timber products from legal and or certified sources (ex., FSC™) creating transparency, efficiency, and liquidity to this market. 
    Traits (blockchain)utilizes various legal documents, records of infractions, and satellite imagery pulled from 22 separate public databases, involving over 2 billion cross checks per day.
    Date/TimelineLaunched 2016
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    CategoriesFood, Supply chain
    Market statusOn the market
    TypesApp • Platform
    Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
    ApplicationGives transparent and reliable information on the origin, journey and quality of food.
    Traits (blockchain)Data uploaded on blockchain ledger. Data accessible at all times. Dashboard enables to access real time data.
    Date/TimelinePilot project in partnership with Sweetgreen in 2017; received $2.5 million in fuding in September 2018.
    NotesAccessible to food businesses and consumers. Based in New York and San Francisco. Founded in 2017 by Raja Ramachandran. Provides dashboards to access real time data and a mobile app to track and trace food.
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