CategoriesSupply chain
Market statusOn the market
StatusPublic • Eachmile (public)
Action (Smart Contract)?Yes
ApplicationFishcoin aims to establish a global decentralized database for a secure and sustainable future for the seafood industry. Fishcoin tokens provide a mechanism for incentivizing data capture and transmission in various forms beginning with the KDEs captured by fishers and fish farmers for the purpose of traceability.
Attributes (token)Fishcoin tokens can be exchanged for data; ERC20 compatible
Traits (blockchain)Validation through Proof of Change of Custody; 3 types of smart contracts: Data Access Smart Contract – a smart contract containing data, the address of the current custodian of the data, data access and data-adding rights for said custodian, and a chain of the addresses of the previous custodians, Whitelist Smart Contract – a smart contract that contains a list of addresses that are whitelisted for a Fishcoin-Data transaction, Validator Smart Contract – a smart contract that validates only those transactions whose sender and receiver are on an official Whitelist Smart Contract
Date/TimelineICO October-November 2018
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